Photography Tours – Himalayas

Himalayas offer a very wide spectrum for photographer. We have lower himalayas, SHIVALISK MOUNTAINS range which is entirely different than CENTRAL HIMALAYAS. Shivalik range people are different than central himalayas tribes and settlements. You find more people oriented photography chances than sightings of peaks and ranges. You can see religious pilgrimage moving to and fro from all over the country to various temples of worships.
Central Himalayas, is more about PEAKS and HIMALAYAS RANGES thus people, villages and landscape is entriely different than lower himalayas.
Greater Himalayas which is home to glaciers and high peaks is not everyone’s cup of tea and we require details of experience and technical know how of our clients for safe and secure experience in remoteness of Himalayas.

One more segment of Himalayas is LAHUL, SPITI AND ladakh region which is highly popular among photographers from all over the world. Explore below links to understand topography and landscape of LAHAUL and SPITI region.